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October 19th, 2013 by Rosauro M. Angeles | 35,398 views No Comments

By any measure President BS Aquino III is still very popular up to this day. His political campaign “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” and “TUWID NA DAAN” have resonated to all the Filipino people and have therefore set a very high standard for a righteous leader, a bench mark that BS Aquino III have created for himself.

No amount of pointing and comparing to the previous administration will be acceptable as the president himself have made a brand as “The One” who will jail the corrupts and led a movement for an “Honest and Clean Government”.

If the president and his allies will be proven guilty of bribing and corrupting the Congress consisting of our Honorable Congressmen and Senators in ensuring the impeachment and booting out of office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court then the president wrongly used his power and the government resources no matter how pure, clean and correct his objective was.

If poor parents will rob banks, hold-up and even kill people to obtain the needed money so that they can send their children to the finest school in the land then we as a Filipino people will by and large become a society of evil.

No evil means can justify an end no matter how pure, great, benign and genuine your end intention is.

Helping the Cebu and Bohol earthquake victims as well as the rebuilding of Zamboanga city from the ruins brought about by the conflict with MNLF using funds sourced illegally or by violating the laws enshrined in our Constitution is likewise not acceptable.

Otherwise, we are certainly destroying our nation because any country whose leader exemplifies and exhibits behavior with consistent tendency to violate laws will lead to anarchy, a country without law and order. Our leader should do what is right and should not use tragedies as an excuse to perpetuate wrong doings that are already and greatly perceived as unconstitutional and illegal.


Do we like to be ruled by leaders who have all the guts and courage to do illegal means and justifying the same as the right method and procedure to achieve the objectives and or the end we want?


If a good and honest president will be forced or will choose to do illegal means to deliver good results then he is courting fire and disaster for himself. He will be forced to do more illegal means so that he will be protected once he is no longer president.


Hence, by all measurement, a president who chooses to do illegal means to deliver good results is definitely not a good and honest president. He can be only said as pretending to be good and honest.


As the great majority of our people are doing their best to protest and fight corruption and some few brave men and women are exposing corruptions and misdeeds in governance then the Filipino people as a whole should start searching for the right president in 2016.


The right president for 2016 is someone who walks the talks and is ready to accept full responsibility and accountability and or will blame only himself for the misstep of his administration.


The right president for 2016 is someone who can deliver substantial good results in the shortest period of time. Our poor people should not be made to suffer for an extended longer period of time. He is someone who is rich in deeds and not rich in slogans.


The right president for 2016 is someone we certainly know that did not enrich himself from the blood and sweat of the Filipino tax payers. He is someone who is not afraid to spend a great amount of money for the right projects that can certainly create enormous job opportunities for all.


The right president for 2016 can accomplish great enormous tasks simultaneously with built in control procedures so that corruptions and missteps can be avoided from the start and during and after the projects. He is someone who can swiftly put to jail even his best friends, relatives and any men for that matter who will be caught enriching themselves through illegal means or consenting in contracts to the great detriments of the peoples’ hard earned taxes.


The right president for 2016 will be willing to enact laws that will encourage greater transparency in government and will give access to the public for information that will divulge the details of all government expenditures.


The right president for 2016 is someone who can organize and assemble a group of people around him who are proven competent in their field and are honest individuals. These groups of people that he should assemble are dedicated people who can work very fast for the greater good of the majority of Filipino people. They are chosen to protect the interest of the general public and not for the purpose of protecting their interest and patrons.


The right president for 2016 has the will to change laws and introduce laws that encourages fair trade practices and competitions. Changes and amendments in laws should encourage enormous Foreign Direct Investments while at the same time putting in place mechanism to make financing funds available to local small and medium businesses.


The right president for 2016 is someone who can still discipline among the citizenry. Democracy is healthy but national and local laws should be followed and violators should be appropriately fined and or incarcerated.


The right president for 2016 has the will to effect road widening in all areas of the country and to build appropriate and sufficient road infrastructures so that healthy commerce will flow and the productivity and efficiency of the citizenry will not be adversely wasted in traffic that are heavily congested.


The right president for 2016 is someone who thinks 25 to 100 years onward and therefore not short sighted. Meager government resources should not be wasted in short term relief projects. The infrastructure that should be built should be forward looking and has built in solutions that can solve problems related to traffic, floods, provision for clean air and better environment.


The right president for 2016 should bear in mind that buildings, infrastructures and road networks related to housing, commerce and business should go hand and hand towards the protection of environment and the creation of an environment that promotes healthy living, clean and hygienic lifestyles.


Most importantly, the right president for 2016 is someone who can act very fast in solving the immediate problems and concerns that beset our nation while simultaneously paving the way towards the creation of a great future that our next Filipino generation so deserves.


The reshaping of the next generation should not only be confined in terms of modernity and economic progress. Rather economic progress and modernity of the new Filipino generation should be anchor in building a well bred of culture that is build around Godliness, discipline, dignity, honesty, respect, generosity, industriousness and enhanced moral values based on the teachings of the church founded by Our God the Son, Jesus Christ which is the Catholic Christian Faith.


Who would be the right president for 2016? Do you have good candidates in mind? Are they in the likes of the following individuals, to wit?


1. Grace Poe who top in the 2013 senatorial race;


2. Bam Aquino who is a young neophyte but a very promising individual;


3. Ping Lacson who did not spend any centavo of his PDAF and was the only PNP Chief that has earned the reputation of instilling discipline to the Philippines Police Force. Nonetheless, as he abhor PDAF he has very little projects that he can show-off that was able to alleviate the sufferings of the Filipino people much more of his province mate in Cavite. Ping is best remembered as the one man who eradicated “KOTONG” in the streets of Metro Manila and was able to recover almost all car napped cars in Metro Manila. He stood his ground by not allowing himself to be jailed for not even a second and opted to become a fugitive of justice until his name was cleared by the proper courts on all criminal cases attributed to him.


4. Manny V. Pangilinan, the billionaire self made businessman but has many big business empire to protect. If he can leave and forget his businesses then he can certainly transform the country as an economic success;


5. Manny Villar also a businessman mogul whose business is in the real estate but have lost the presidential race last 2010. He has proven a lot in his life. He is a very successful person and we may never know what he can do for our country unless he is given a chance to become the president of the Philippines. His success story was built around industry and patience or most popularly known in the vernacular as ‘SIPAG at TIAGA’


6. Gibo Teodoro is a well rounded intellectual person who also lost in the 2010 presidential race;


7. Dick Gordon is an action oriented man who is known via the Red Cross trade mark. His prominence in governing Olongapo as a Mayor was well remembered. He have steered the Olongapo economy in its most trying time and have winningly converted the Subic American Base into an economic zone. He is also credited for having successfully instilled volunteerism among the people of Olongapo. He is also a veteran senator of the Philippine Republic;


8. Bayani Fernando just by name itself is already a hero. He is the pink man of the MMDA. A very creative and competent engineer who transform the Marikina City when he was then its mayor as a very progressive, clean and hygienic discipline city. His political will was tested on fire when he was the MMDA Chairman of Metro Manila. He may not be charismatic but certainly he can deliver great results in a very short period of time. The Bacoor City is very indebted for him as he made possible the road widening in the main highway of Bacoor City. He is a man of action and with a very clean reputation. He can get the desired results done even in the face of so many left and right adversaries and criticisms. Certainly Filipinos will be a big winner if he is at the helm of the presidency.


9. Manuel Roxas III – The anointed one. He is the best person to make a follow through on the programs of BS Aquino III. He is a man of his own. He is a person who is ready to make a sacrifice for the best of the party, for his friend and for the country. He is a seasoned and a very brilliant man of governance who has occupied various government positions the latest of which is being the DILG Secretary. He has served as well as Senator of the Philippine Republic. He is a very safe choice for the next president of the Philippines.


In a country with a population of over a hundred million people it is but certain that we can find individuals who are competent and possesses the characteristics of a certainly true and genuine leader that can rally our people to greater heights.


Are you the right president for 2016? Please let us know and lead the way and surely I will not be the only one who will support you but tens of millions more Filipinos.

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