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December 15th, 2012 by Rosauro M. Angeles | 6,717 views 1 Comment


Small voice is usually drowned by loud, dominating and persistent voice. The people with wealth, power and control of mass media which includes TV, radio, newspapers and the like among others occupies a much louder voice in any significant issue that affects the lives of a strong majority of people composed of C, D & E classes of society. The media shapes and influences the opinion of our society.


Let me share my small voice against the proposed RH Bill law.

The Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) is a very significant issue that is dividing the nation. It is not just a Church issue or simply a political issue. It involves the future of the Republic of the Philippines and the fate of the Filipino race and therefore our lawmakers and the other branches of our government should reflect further and deeper on its long term effect to our nation and to our people.


The RH proponents’ simplistic view of RH Bill is that there is a need to legislate a coercive law geared towards population control. The simple argument is based on a shallow ground that poverty is a direct result of over population. It is likewise geared towards availability and distribution of various contraceptives…some of which may have the capability to abort the life of the fetus in a woman’s womb.


That RH Bill will further protect women’s rights and afford them to have a variety of choices which includes avoiding pregnancy while having the full freedom to engage and enjoy sex. The freedom to choose and be given all the opportunities to use contraceptives is not limited to married women, but will include as well the young, delicate and adventurous teens.


Consequently, this new found freedom of choice from RH Bill will further emboldened our youth, the unmarried and married populace to engage in pre-marital sex or having sex outside the bond of marriage. Wittingly, RH proponents will say that these incidences are happening whether there is an RH Bill or not, but why encourage the practice further.


With or without RH Bill, people, with special mention to women, has the God given talent to think, to choose and decide for themselves. There are so many Philippines laws already that were enacted to protect women and children. RH Bill is just an addition and will just specifically mandate the government to allocate huge public funds for the distribution of contraceptives.

If government will make the contraceptives freely available, it will encourage children or teens and the unmarried to freely and boldly engage in sex with the use of condoms, the sexual experience will then lead them to try having sex without condoms for further thrill and enjoyment.


Do we wish to encourage sexual promiscuity? RH Bill will not prevent early and unwarranted pregnancies. Conversely, RH Bill and the availability of various contraceptives will encourage the young and adventurous populace towards sexual enjoyment and therefore will increase the incidences of early pregnancies? Do we wish to expose our children in a path of early family life or single parenting due to unwarranted and early pregnancies? Is legalizing same sex marriage  the next step of our government?


Will the enactment of divorce law to follow afterwards? Will legalizing abortion be endorsed as well by the government as a priority bill? Are we going to ask for absolute FREEDOM of choice?



In all countries, including the richest countries, poor people will be in existence otherwise you can no longer distinguish the rich, the middle class and the poor people. If it is right to have a small population, why is it that rich and developed countries who in the past have aggressively campaigned for population control are now encouraging their youths to bear more children and or attracting foreigners to migrate in their countries?


Most of the highly developed countries has what they called an inverted pyramid population structure which simply means that the population belonging to the working populace are very few to ably support the large and fast aging population as well as the kids who are not yet able to work. Scientifically, an inverted pyramid population structure will not be able to stand stable for a very long time as it will not be able to carry the weight of a large mass of people because it has only a very small base. The collapse of the inverted pyramid is therefore inevitable.


The large and fast aging population is brought about by the longer life expectancy now being experienced in developed and fast developing countries.


Is our country, the Philippines, is over populated? Or the Philippines population is unevenly populated which means that cities particularly Metro Manila has more population compared to rural areas.


The latest statistics showed that the Philippines population is on a downward trend for the past five years. The average kids nowadays are even below the replacement rate which means that more and more couples are having 2 kids or less.


Are the RH Bill proponents inclined to believe that the poor people are having more children because of their ignorance and or because they are largely uneducated? RH Bill therefore is not the rightful and practical answer to remedy this problem.


Why is it that the poorest of the poor or generally the poor people are uneducated or were not able to finish schooling? Why is it that the town folks prefer to live in cities than to stay in their home towns and provinces?


It is simply because of several factors like: 1. Scarcity of jobs particularly in the provinces and rural areas; 2.Higher minimum wages in cities compared to towns and provinces; 3. Underemployment; 4 Low salaries and wages; 5. Non-regularization and the “ENDO” or “End of Contract” era of employment; 6. Lack of teachers; 7. Lack or poor school facilities; 8. High cost of education; 9. Poor education;


Moreover, the growing poor population is not just coming from the existing poor sectors. The fast erosion of middle class contributed to the growing population of poor people. The sons and daughters of the average and lower middle class can not find as well better jobs as most of them were not able to finish college and university degrees. Therefore the next generation of middle class sooner or later eventually joins the poor sectors of the society.


Those who were lucky to pursue 4 year or 2 year courses are products of Diploma Mills learning institutions that have failed to prepare them to become competitive in the scarce employment market. A big number of them wind up as sales ladies, merchandisers, service crews and other blue collar low paying jobs. These eroded middle class started the generation of new poor families who can hardly send their kids to schools.


In other instances, striving lower and average middle class of society who were able to save money to buy a piece of land normally acquire the same through loans and installment payments. They will not be able to build a house yet as they need to save more and or to secure another loan. Unfortunately, these precious pieces of lands from blood, sweat and tears of average and low middle class of our society will be lost to squatters. Hence, saddled with unpaid loans and without a piece of land they also became strong candidates of becoming poorer and haters of government who can not protect their rights.


Will RH Bill solve poverty? Definitely, RH Bill will not solve poverty. It will just largely contribute to the waste of public funds and tax payers’ money.


The government should concentrate on the root cause of poverty and solve the problem not by sex education, not by FREE CONTRACEPTIVES and CONDOMS and definitely not by RH Bill and not by Cash Conditional Transfer or CCT.


Is population control the only way out of poverty? Is abortion, contraceptives and same sex marriages are the most effective means to control human population?


How certain are we that retarding the growth of population will eradicate or reduce poverty drastically?


Will you agree that greed, corruptions, laziness, and lack of access to equal opportunities has contributed more to the poverty and sufferings of at least 60% of the worlds populations? Is it true that the concentration of almost all global wealth is only at the hands of 15% or less of the worlds’ populations?


If we are bent to fight poverty, control the population, reduce the likelihood of maternal deaths, limit the active baby making of the poor, prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and indulgence of our youth to early sex and early marriages, we should explore first all the moral, rightful and correct solutions instead of an RH Bill marching order.


We should work on so many alternatives instead of having a buying spree of contraceptives using the tax payers’ money. Below are some alternatives, to wit:
1. Raising the consciousness of the populace with regards to the economic advantages of late marriages and the disadvantages of early marriages;
2. Making a concerted effort through massive social and mass media campaign exhorting the woman’s virtue of staying virgin before marriage;
3. Raising the consciousness of the populace as regards the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases if they will freely engage in sex with someone whom they don’t really know;
4. Raising the bar of morality that sex outside wedlock is not in accordance with Christians’ teachings;
5. That government should use the taxpayers’ money in generating and creating jobs for the poor instead of providing them free contraceptives. Work must be encouraged and mendicancy through CCT must be limited if not discouraged.
6. Raising the consciousness of our youth and the general populace that sex is sacred and meant for love and pro-creation and should be done by married couples;
7. That couples should be made fully cognizant that the number of child to be raised by them is their responsibility and that their responsibility includes feeding, shelter, education and all the necessary things that will assure a good future for their children;
8. That responsible parenthood does not necessarily mean sex education for young children, rather it is more encompassing as to the involvement of parents in properly parenting their children to become morally upright, emotionally and socially stable. The role of parents is not limited in providing the financial and economic assistance to their children, but includes close guidance and counseling in all stages of life of their children particularly during their young age when they are most vulnerable to commit mistakes;
9. We should enact laws that will guard against the greed of some super rich individuals;
10. We should enact laws that provide equal opportunities to all particularly for industrious and deserving C, D, E classes of our society;
11. We should review and revise our Constitution and change vital provisions that discourages foreign direct investments, but encourages business dynasty for the few elite group of Filipinos; and abolish the party list and fork barrel system;
12. We should file cases and incarcerate all corrupt government officials and workers;
13. We should file cases and incarcerate tax cheats and tax evaders; and many more.
14. We should criminalize squatting and actively prosecute people who steal the properties of others;
15. We should carefully consider the kind of education that schools should offer to our children so that our children will be equipped with education and skills that will help them acquire better and high paying jobs.
16. If we are really true in our advocacy to fight poverty, then the government must enact laws and allocate a very huge fund for free education from kinder to college instead of using the tax payers’ money to fund CCT, RH Bill and other poorly developed and designed programs.


Indeed, we will not run out of good methodology and strategy to achieve the goal of improving the lives of the poor. RH Bill and its component coercive population control will not be good to our nation. RH Bill is not the answer to poverty. RH Bill will simply be a waste of public funds.


We should learn from the lesson of the rich countries that are now saddled by a bigger problem than ours. That is, a big aging population and a very sharp drop in population eventually leading to the collapse of their economies and or the inevitable take over of immigrants of their country.


Let us all grow in the glory and grace of our Lord our God and champion the faith and belief of true Christians. God help and save the Philippines.


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