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Top of Mind name and brand re-call is the name of the game for politicians, sports and showbiz personalities as well as products and services. We offer our services to both local and international clients.

If you are vying for a national position the name of the politician that come to mind first in a voter wins the election. "Top of Mind Name Recall" works like magic particularly if the voters were asked to select and vote for multiple candidates in certain positions. Say a voter will choose and vote for 12 politicians in a candidate pool of more than 30 candidates, it is but natural that the voter will choose the candidate that comes to mind first.

A huge number of voters change his mind when he or she actually sits to vote. A certain politician's name that is top and foremost in the voter's mind will in all likelihood be voted upon. What happen if the voters have read more than a hundred different but favorable articles and all of it clearly shows the name, pictures and political advocacies of a certain politician?

Simply, if the politicians name, pictures and images as well as his political advocacies are Top of Mind among voters then it is more likely that he or she will talk favorably about the politicians and even encourage others to vote for that certain politician.

Yes, if Millions of voters who have experienced the same just like in the above paragraph then the likelihood that the subject politician will win in a national election is very high.

The above principle is true with products, brands and services. Hence, for business to prosper, it is a must to win the hearts and minds of distributors, wholesalers, customers and end consumers.

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Our group specializes in writing various types of articles. We are bloggers and photo bloggers. We make use of the various Social Media to create TOP OF MIND AWARENESS for our clients and for special and specific purposes. We specialize in creating, spreading and cementing favorable images to targeted audience. We build and enhance image of politicians, various personalities, organizations, businesses, products, brands and services.


Are you launching a new product, brand or services? Or you want to re-launch your existing product, brand or services? Having a high quality product or services priced at very affordable level and well distributed in the market do not constitute a full proof guarantee that the sales will fly at a very profitable level.

Have you heard of a low quality product priced unreasonably high and yet the dominant player in the industry? Amaze? It is happening!! Indeed, excitement is the name of the game. Regular and consistent delightful experience cements customers' loyalty. Is your sales and marketing promotion effective in such a way that it attracts new customers to try your products or services immediately? Are your existing customers purchasing your products and or engaging your services regularly, consistently and with increasing demands? If immediate trials for new customers and consistent, regular, repeated purchase and increasing demands of existing customers are not happening then your business has a problem. Indeed, a big problem waiting to blow in your face.

If old tricks failed and is continually and is miserably failing to produce your organization's desired results then a BIG CHANGE is necessary. Sales and marketing programs and promotions are investments and not just a wasted or unnecessary expense. The ROI is astounding. Do it on-line for a wider reach and best value for money.

Online Sales and Marketing Promotions Great Fun Philippines

The successful launch and introduction of a new product or service is necessary. Otherwise, a re-launch will be costly, a little harder but still not a problem. Yes, our group specializes in conceptualizing Sales and Marketing Programs, Promotions and Strategies that are geared to built excitements in order to revitalize and rejuvenate your existing products and services. The depth of our experience and innate creativity will deliver the best value for your money. Most often, exciting promotions do not yield the expected sales. An exciting promotion must be supported by clear and massive promotion dissemination complemented by an efficient and sufficient distribution network.


An on-line poll survey is a very effective and efficient tool and yard stick to test the water in a global perspective. Participants on on-line poll may not necessarily be exclusive to your target market or audience, but the available technology will make it possible to filter only participants in a certain country or geographical location.

The type of questions you will ask will likewise be helpful in discouraging non-target audience to participate in the survey. Conducting an FGD or Focus Group Discussion is likewise very helpful in forming conclusions, but only to a limited extent.

Some on-line polls do not only asked participants to select and vote, but encourages as well to make comments. Hence, in this age of technology it is already possible to collect hundreds or thousands of both solicited and unsolicited information in just a very short period or limited time. It is just that businessmen and other self-interest group like politicians are not making full use of the power of on-line poll survey. Traditional methods of conducting opinion survey covers only limited participants in a very limited geography aside from being time consuming and very expensive.

Moreover, face to face discussions and phone surveys do not necessarily reflect the true sentiments and wishes of the surveyed participants for some special and personal reasons like inhibitions, fear and moreā€¦ In contrast, on-line poll participants just select and vote and will share their comments based on their desire or their mood at the time.

Local Poll Surveys International Poll Surveys

Our group specializes in customizing the design of the on-line poll survey based on the needs, wants and expectations of our client - sponsor. The poll may be made very simple or it may incorporate aesthetics, images and animations. We want the best for our clients. We can likewise provide an in depth analysis of the results of the on-line poll survey as deemed necessary and or as agreed coupled with recommendations and marketing strategies. and feel of the advertisement he up-loaded in terms of image(s), content and styles.


Are you happy with your present website? Does your present website serve the purpose or the purposes for which it was built? Who benefits from your website? Does your website attract visitors? How many person visits your website in a day, in a week or in a month? What is the percentage of returning visitors as against new visitors?

Do you enjoy economic and non-economic benefits out of having a website like gaining new customers, new suppliers, new and expanded business network, and or new community of friends, members and followers? How is the appearance, features, functions and content of your website? Is it different, better and special? Or it appears like a look-a-like of millions of websites already in the net. Is it a copy cat? Your website serves as your Public Relation Officer and Salesman 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It must attract and speak in your behalf. It must encourage visitors to frequently return to your site.

Your website is your Resume. As a company, your website serves as your Company Profile. It should and must stand out from the rest. As a showbiz, sports, media and political personality, your website must serve multi purposes like getting more visitors who either registered as members and or followers, to show case projects and endorsements and a lot more that will hype and enhance the popularity of the personality or personalities involved in the website.

A website must show your distinct individuality. It must distinguish you from the hundreds of millions of website all around the web.

Promo and Discount Website Social Media Excellence Website

Our group specializes in High End Website. You are now browsing http://www.promoanddiscount.com and if you have browsed the entire website you will note that is very much different, better and special in terms of designs, features and functions. It gives the user the financial freedom to advertise for FREE and the independence to take care on the look and feel of the advertisement he up-loaded in terms of image(s), content and styles.


Most often companies and or businesses failed to realize its fullest sales revenue potential because of either lack of or ineffective and dull marketing and presentation materials. In marketing, the name of the game is on how you can excite your target markets or intended audience.

Remember the 4 Ps of Marketing of which promotion is included. Promoting a product or service starts with the product or service itself. How do you brand your product or service? Brand name, logo, packaging and or the overall appearance of a product has a very big impact on the marketability of a product. It does not stop there.

In introducing and marketing your products and services to the distributors, wholesalers, customers and end users the business or the company must be able to create a favorable impression or perception about the products and services being launched or marketed. Do you have available leaflets, fliers, brochures, banners, streamers and presentation materials that your frontline sales and marketing personnel can use in introducing your products and services?

Marketing and presentation materials are necessary so that your target market can easily and conveniently visualize your products and services. Whether it will be a face to face interaction or an on-line interaction, any business or entrepreneur must create an excellent sales and marketing environment so that his target market or audience will have a very delightful buying or purchasing experience.

Promotion is effective if it will generate immediate trial or purchase.

Design of Marketing and Presentation Materials Design of Marketing and Presentation Materials

Concept, design and preparation of sales and marketing materials are our group's specialty. We simply excel in preparing marketing and presentation materials. The good news is that we can work from scratch. Each product and service has various roles to play and the degree by which it is needed varies with every human being. Nonetheless satisfying the basic needs and exceeding the wants and expectation of a target market is the goal of marketing.

1. Top of Mind Awareness Campaign

Top of Mind Awareness Campaign ( Name Recall | Brand Recall) and or Image Building Campaign through Article Writing & Blogging, Photo Blogging, On-line Advertisements and Massive Social Media Campaign for:

  • a. Politicians
  • b. Showbiz and Sports Personalities
  • c. Businesses
  • d. Government and Non-government organizations

Best value for money Image Builder
2. Online Sales & Marketing Programs

Conceptualization, Preparation and Implementation of On-line Sales & Marketing Programs, Strategies and Promotions;

Online Sales and Marketing Promotions
3. Poll Surveys

Conduct of on-line poll survey to determine the trend, likes, dislikes, needs, wants, expectations and sentiments of netizens;

4. Web Design

Design and Development of High End Websites and other related services;

Afex (African Exchange Website)
Goldplan Philippines Insurance Website
5. Sales and Marketing Presentation Materials

Conceptualization and Preparation of Sales and Marketing Presentation Materials including Design of Promotional Materials like Brochures, Posters, Leaflets, Fliers and Banners.

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