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Life and learning is a continuing journey. Only death will put a stop to our journey. We can stand up every time we stumble or we can pause for a break and begin our journey once again. Life will become more challenging and exciting if we will push our selves to unknown limits. We should not be afraid to fail. God is so kind that we made us all born winners. To win is our destiny, but to fail is our own choice and doing.


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February 21st, 2013 by Rosauro M. Angeles | 15,090 views 1 Comment


Unusual chocolate hills, perfect cone shaped volcano, exciting mountain for hikers, rich sun visor forests, pristine volleyball beaches, intricate nature shaped caves, unadulterated rare rock formations, healing hot springs, quiet mirror like rivers, sporting natural and man enhanced lakes… gee this is life … a real human paradise.


Life will never be complete unless you pay a visit and enjoy the fun in fun, fun, fun Philippines, indeed the best fun place to be. Be happy. Live your life to the fullest. You have  only one life to live. It is time to reward your hard work and enjoy real hard.


Indeed, life is exciting in the Philippines. The limit for happiness, fun and excitement is boundless.



Most people simply work hard in anticipation of a brighter, fruitful and enjoyable future not only for him but also for his family and or love ones. Hard work, lot of savings, business ventures, more hard work and sacrifices… then a reward of luxurious life, generosity to others, service to mankind and serving our God, our Creator will be a very fulfilling life on earth.


Real happiness can be best achieved by being in good shape physically and being at peace with your mind, heart and spirit. Enormous happiness evolves in being generous to our self, to others and by having plenty of time with God. As you have fulfilled your life’s mission then it is time to be at fun, fun, fun Philippines and be generous to oneself.

Therefore let us live our life to the fullest. Let us develop and rediscover ourselves. Let us be more productive, efficient and have more time and fun in our life. Trust and believe in yourself. Enlarge your network and discover the world. Let us do everything we wish to do and experience sheer happiness in life. Let us do it today as if today will be our last day on earth.


Be in the place that is filled with fun and happiness. Be in the Philippines where you can live with fun and happiness.


I say and I vouch that you will miss the best fun your life could have if you failed to visit and see the wonders of fun filled Philippines.


Indeed, there is a stark truth in showcasing the Philippines as a preferred premier tourist destination in the world.  If you love nature, tropical Philippines with more than 700 islands are the awesome place to be. Splendid Philippines is home to the greatest gifts of nature. There is nothing more delightful for a human race to experience than the fun in the Philippines.


The splendor of Philippines cinematic sea beds will simply excite adventurous divers for non-comparable experience in seeing the rarest giant reefs and adorable precious corrals, indeed. There is more fun in the Philippines, so we say. There is no place like fun, fun, fun Philippines.


No other countries in the world can match the number of giant shopping malls, supermarkets and commercial complex that kept sprouting and growing in number in almost all medium and major cities in the Philippines.


If you love pleasurable window shopping, relaxed-leisure walking and be astounded seeing innumerable commercial stalls and specialty shops of all sizes and types selling anything and almost everything plus all being roofed together under a modern gargantuan commercial complex… then Philippines will be the amazing place to be.


If you consider walking as a necessary, but must be a delightful physical fitness experience, the gigantic malls in the Philippines are the best places to be.  There is nothing fun filled like the malls in the Philippines.


In the Philippines, not one tourist, foreigner guests, visitors or any individual for that matter will go hungry. If you are in search of foods and or beverages that suits your taste buds and budget or would love to experience a totally new sumptuous delicacy… then Philippines as a genuine food and beverage haven will readily provide you with a very wide and impressive variety of choices. There is nothing more fun than the mouth watering fun of enjoying great tasting foods.  The unadulterated Philippines coconut water is naturally refreshing, recharging and rejuvenating.

Hotels, fine dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, specialty food establishments, café, tea houses, ice cream parlors, food kiosks and all sorts of foods and beverages establishments including 24/7 convenience stores are all competing with each other to provide a never ending delectable experience for all who wishes to satisfy their insatiable cravings of any delicacy, exotic or not, that one can ever imagine.

Oozing love from the heart and the gentle caring aesthetic art of food preparations are the most important ingredients that further add to the delight and winning taste of each food servings.  There is nothing fun filled like the splendid foods in the Philippines.

No moment is boring in the Philippines.  There are so many suitable places for all types of activities.


You can go cycling or you can go hiking. You can go boating or you can go diving. You can go outing and have fun full of loud laughter with your family and friends. You can enjoy a romantic privacy with your love one or simply have a thrilling surprise date arranged by teasing but caring friends.


You can enjoy a quiet and solitary moment with nature or you can have a personal and peaceful communication with our Creator in most solemn prayer rooms and chapels.


You can stroll in the malls, ride a Roller Coaster or go to a fitness center. You can go ice skating or you can go bar hopping. You can watch movies in giant movie screens or watch the dazzling fire crackers shows.  You can get a relaxing SPA massage or undergo a variety of alternative medical healing.  You can be refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated in so many ways. You can go bowling or you can go shadow boxing. You can play golf at night or be entertained hilariously in comedy bars.


You can visit a zoo or stroll lazily in a park or just sat uncaringly or comfortably in flower garden benches to read a book or magazine. You can walk and wander in glass tubes while seeing different species of fishes. You can join a field trip or excursion or see the historic sites in museums.


Exhibits and Exposition are a common place. Gun shows, car shows, cooking demos, flowers and bonsai plants, food and beverages, business franchises, new products and services and a lot more will give you an expansive view of what is happening and what you can expect in the coming years. The Philippines is just like a viewing window of what is new and what the trends are all over the world.


It is about time to experience the heck of watching live noon time or early night shows… lots of fun, lots of laughter and sometimes sadness via hearing true to life stories of struggling Filipinos.


Indeed, life is exciting in the Philippines. The limit for excitement is boundless. Just be resourceful and stretch your imaginations and presto you will find a place or activity center that will suit your needs.


There is an amusement park as well that in just a day you can visit all the different regions in the Philippines.  Indeed, there is nothing fun filled like the Philippines.


As long as the tourist or any foreigner can speak, read and understand the English Language, communication will not be a barrier as the great majority of Filipinos are conversant in the English Language. Nonetheless, it will be a great endearing fun to learn a little or four of Tagalog words and phrases or make it a personal challenge to learn to understand and speak the other major Filipino Languages and native dialects. There is always fun in twisting your tongue. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain and have a clean fun of being a temporal laughing stock. Great! So long as you bring happiness.

Filipinos by nature are amiable and hospitable. We love to entertain guests. Foreigners are most welcome to every Filipino home. The safety, delight and comfort of any guest, foreigner or not, will always be the priority of any Filipino in all communities throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


The greatest smiles are the Filipino smiles: sweet, endearing, affectionate and genuine. Beware, Filipino laughter are like virus that are so deadly contagious. Hence, you may not be able to resist laughing to the point of losing your poise. There is nothing wonderful like having Filipinos as your friends or life partner.


The Philippines culture is very rich in terms of traditions and practices. Almost all towns and cities have festivals and events to celebrate.


As a largely Christian-Catholic nation who respect and revere myriad patron saints, all regions in the whole archipelago are dotted with both historically ancient and modern churches where we hear masses and celebrate our faith.  Indeed, Jesus Christ the Son of God and God the Son occupies the central focus of our belief, faith and worship. We fear God and we love to do good deeds.


Filipinos are great entertainers. We laugh, sing and dance more often than the night replaces the day.


Our women, more than their inherent sweetness, charm and beauty, are great caring wives and mothers.  Our men are good providers, thoughtful, sweet, gentle, romantic and endearing lovers. Sadly, fewer young men and women are available for marriages as citizens in almost all countries are becoming more and more aggressive and resolutely determined in winning the affection of Filipino males and females. There is nothing wonderful like having Filipinos as your friends or life partner.


The youth in the Philippines are respectful and resourceful, but are becoming increasingly adventurist and adept in the use of modern communication technology. The moderate shyness that engulfs the past generations is fast being swallowed by modernity.


The Philippines having colonized by Spaniards, Japanese and Americans and with heavy trade partnerships with the ancient and modern China have helped shaped and re-shaped the culture and experiences of Filipinos.  Despite the harsh and difficult time of being a colony, it had also helped to bring the best of Filipinos. As the saying goes, heroes and great leaders are the product of hard times.


In over 50 years now, millions of Filipino sea men, overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and Filipino immigrants have traveled far and wide across all continents. Hence, each one of them has had the opportunities to be exposed and to learn the culture, traditions and practices particularly that most of them stayed for a year or three in their host countries.  Hence, deliberately and or unconsciously, the acquired skills, new learning and experiences where brought and shared to fellow Filipinos as they return to their motherland Philippines.


Race intermarriages and romances with heavy culture adaptation and mixtures have enriched the Philippines and its people as a unique Asian race. With Filipinos dexterous ingenuity, its inherent traits, beliefs and cultures were well preserved while simultaneously adopting and adapting to the challenges of never ending changing times.


Have fun at fun, fun, fun Philippines and be amazed at its wonderful and amazing places while you mingled with the most amiable people in the world, the Filipinos. Yes, there is more fun in the Philippines. There is no other like Philippines.


There is nothing more fun filled like the country Philippines. If you are looking for fun, indeed, fun, fun, fun Philippines is the greatest place to be. I cannot be prouder than by loudly saying that I am very proud to be a Filipino.


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