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January 8th, 2013 by Rosauro M. Angeles | 1,179 views No Comments


As a prelude to what we can expect this 2013, the new year was welcomed with unfortunate events like in France where youths, gangs and sanity challenged people burned almost 1200 cars; a Briton mother shot and killed in Thailand’s new year eve party;


The onset of 2013 in Asian Philippines was headlined by the tragic death of an elementary kid Stephanie Nicole over a strayed bullet; over 600 were injured for various firecrackers incidents; 6 hours of continuous rain due to typhoon Auring that submerged with floods the streets of Zamboanga City; followed suit by a shooting rampage in Kawit Cavite that killed at least 10 people including the fetus carried by one pregnant victim.


What will our world be a decade from now? Could we expect a better world for the years to come?


Fresh from the global daily head lines that are dotted with horrible and discouraging banner news like deadly storms, tree up-rooting hurricanes, devastating roof top level floods, destructive civil wars, vicious rise in crimes, horrible earthquakes, war threatening territorial disputes between countries, ferocious climate change, heat stroke rising temperature, accelerated melting of global ice, frightening rising sea level and more heart breaking unfortunate stories.


Nonetheless, 2013 was largely and overwhelmingly celebrated with a lot of fun and a very bright hope after the world suffers a lot of woes.


Back to reality, are there enough good news and reasons for us to celebrate? Is there a real threat for humans continued existence? Or the large swathe of humanity are doomed and destined to suffer and endure a very difficult life this year and the year to come?


More than ever, a big majority of nations all over the world are now experiencing all sorts of problems and life difficulties, but the future global outlook is not sunny but rather gloomy and discouraging to begin with.


The world is approaching an 8 Billion mark in terms of human population. Will there be enough food and fresh water for everybody? Is growing population truly a threat to food security and human survival?


Or there are bigger looming problems that all governments must address collectively and with dispatch like: 1. Supply and price of oil; 2. Territorial disputes; 3. Climate change; 4. Alternative sources of energy; 5. Arms race and military build-up; 6.Threat of a catastrophic World War III; 7. Clashes due to religion and beliefs; 8. The cancer of corruption in our society; 9. The growing crime rate; and 10. Rising poverty rate and hunger incidence;


Factually, the whole world is not overpopulated, but the sad state of life was that the world’s population is unevenly distributed.


Poor, under-developed and developing nations commonly has more populations than it can adequately support compounded by the fact that these countries are usually sadly saddled by the debilitating malignant disease of our society that is very hard to cure and that is corruptions. Moreover, a considerable number of our populations are concentrated in cities with consequent adverse effects in terms of city planning, housing, school buildings, social & health services, vehicular traffic, employment availability, peace and order and the likes.


There are also countries and states with very few populations, but a big number of its people are suffering from hunger and stark poverty as a result of war, greed for wealth and power and unabated corruptions in government with connivance from some interest groups and selfish private sectors.


On the other hand, more and more developed nations are struggling and deeply troubled by a very steep decline in population growth accompanied by a fast-aging population like Japan, Canada and Germany to name a few. These countries in the past 3 to 6 decades ago had embarked in an aggressive drive to control their population. They have not expected that retarding the growth of their population will result to an inverted triangle, a situation where there are very few young employable people that will have to simultaneously support the kids and the large elderly population. It is just a matter of time that these countries economy will explode due to a big vacuum of young working population unless they can embark and attract migration of large foreign labor force.


In the decade or two to come China will experience the same inverted triangle situation due to their one (1) child policy. Just by now China’s elderly population is becoming dominantly visible.


On top of the population problem, the trend in global governance is towards a social welfare government that encourages unnecessary dole out programs like Conditional Cash Transfer, Universal Health Care and Reproductive Health Bills. Although these programs seem to sound like very outstanding programs, nonetheless, these programs necessitate careful study and revisiting simply because of the required huge budget allocation.


Unfortunately the above social welfare programs will be funded from taxes coming from the same people who are already burdened by high taxes and again will need to pay more taxes to support individuals and groups that do not pay taxes.


Because of the burden of big taxes imposed on working population, the yuppies, the executives and the new generation will rather stay single or will have very late marriages or just bear a single child so that the parents or the couple can continue to enjoy life as they think that more children are just burdens for good and enjoyable living. In the long term, a one child trend will not work to the advantage of the human race as it does not necessarily replace the present population.

Social Welfare type of governance gives undue burden to the working population while encouraging unemployed people to become lazier and dependent on the support of the government. Hence, a considerable number of the population will just have a subsistence kind of life devoid of convenience and luxuries of a good quality life. Social welfare type governments’ therefore do not necessarily alleviate the dire situation of the poorest of the poor. People should be encouraged to work rather than be made contented with a mendicant welfare system of government. Job generation and job creation must be the mantra of all governments.


There is no exact science or full proof evidence that points out that a big population will result to poverty. However, all evidence points out that any country that is poor or relatively poor suffers from poor governance, corruptions and greed of select few individuals and groups who manipulates and control the government and the countries economy.


We should know that the mathematical formula for poverty is: Business Dynasty + Political Dynasty = Poverty.


Harnessing the worlds natural resources in a way that it will produce more foods perhaps triple or quadruple than it used to be without the consequent adverse effect to nature was not being explore to the fullest maximum by corrupt governments and the lack of genuine concern by the global society as a whole. What about a big push on industrial fish farming? What about constructing medium rise residential buildings for the poor for an effective land use of squatters’ area? I think the world will have to learn more with what the country of Israel is doing particularly in agriculture and water management.


Indeed, the consistent availability of supply of oil and its price is the major and troubling concern of all countries.


The dwindling supply of oil and meteoric rise of its prices including its ill effect on the environment has caused countries to:
1. Aggressively explore the possibilities of using an alternative green energy;
2. Aggressively embark in more oil exploration venture;
3. Seriously consider territorial expansion causing disputes to neighboring rival countries;


The continuing burning of huge volume of fossil fuels and other pollutants are rising the global temperature thus melting faster the global ice sheets resulting to the rise in sea level which will eventually cover with water the lands in the low lying areas of several countries.


The economic rise of China and India further contributed to the burning of more fossil fuels. Pollutants and other bad practices of our society results to the nature revenge in terms of rising temperature, rise in sea level, deadly calamities and havoc wreaking storms causing floods, landslides and the likes.


Talks about climate change and on how to reduce emissions of pollutants have been going on for years. Green technologies are being developed and lucrative incentives are being awarded to lure companies and organizations in exploring and advancing green technology.


Nonetheless, the technology, resources and efforts being dedicated to the quest for the development, sufficiency and commercial effectiveness of green energy is simply not enough and wanting in commitments of big world players. It seems that it will take decades before green technology will be able to replace the fossil fuel as the main source of energy…if ever it will happen.


Practically, life should go on with or without sufficient alternative sources of energy. The big economies and even poor countries 1st priority is to secure a stable, sufficient and affordable supply of oil. This situation naturally leads to aggressive oil exploration in existing territories and or to explore in the countries adjacent territories and or to forge contracts in poor countries who can not afford the cost of oil exploration.


The quest for fresh supply of oil is the number one factor that is triggering territorial disputes in the Asia Pacific Region.


The territorial dispute between countries along the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea) particularly between the Philippines, China, Vietnam and other claimant countries and more recently a territorial spat between China, Japan and Taiwan in the East China Sea requires resolution before it escalates to a situation where military confrontation is inevitable.


Going farther, outside Asia, the civil war in Syria, the conflict between Syria and Turkey, the conflict between Iran and Israel and the unnecessary pronouncements and prediction that it may result to World War III has caused a lot of speculations and a brunt adverse effects on the world economies.


Arms race, military build-up, alignment and coalition of countries are taking place. War in the days of nuclear technology is not an option. The catastrophic result of a World War III with nuclear arms will bring the world to its destruction or to a savage world at a very least with indescribable adverse effects not only to human beings, but to all living things including the world’s environment.


On the other side of life, democracy and freedom of expression if not tempered and properly controlled are unnecessarily causing violent protests and clashes in our society particularly if faith, beliefs and religions are at stake. The advancement in information technology using social media made it very easy for individual or groups to distribute and propagate any kind of information in the form of music, articles, images and videos. The video on the” Innocence of Moslems” is one example that causes a lot of troubles in this regard.


Furthermore, the cancer of corruption in almost all layers of governance both on a local and national scale is draining the meager resources of government. Instead of having used the money in programs design to create jobs, a huge portion of the budget goes to the pocket of corrupt government officials and their private cohorts.


Dole out and poorly conceptualized programs are being prioritized instead of livelihood programs and job generating activities that has permanent and long term effectiveness in improving the lives of the poor. Great wealth and fortunes are concentrated in very few families and groups while great power was being wielded by political dynasties. These situations have effectively eroded the middle class with the lower C; D & E of the class of society are living below poverty line.


Destitution is the sister of prostitution. Indeed, poverty is driving a big portion of our people into committing crimes. At the rate unemployment is rising compounded by the continued increase in the cost of human’s basic necessities will certainly result to the deterioration of peace and order.


Indeed, we are living in an uncertain world. Science and technology advancement has brought not only progress and convenience to mankind but also all sorts of woes, diseases and social maladies.


No one, not you and me, will ever know what will happen next. People and science will never foretell and will never prevent the occurrence of events that are beyond human comprehension.


The progress in science and technology must have been better if mankind have cultivated with vibrant zest and energy simultaneously the spirituality of mankind. Not one individual, groups and the whole mankind singly or collectively will acquire the knowledge and power comparable to our Creator.


There is only one God, our Creator who is omniscient and omnipotent. It is good for all of us to establish a strong connection to our Lord our God. Mankind must be humble enough to accept and acknowledge the existence of a Divine God who creates everything in this universe.


Man can able to create something out of something. God can create anything and everything out of nothing. It goes to say that the life of any human being or any living thing has an end. God is infinite. God exist before everything and before the existence of human being. God has no beginning. God has no end.


Man must stop pretension. It is only with God as the center of our life that men of all colors and race can co-exist in peace and prosperity. Let us all prepare for the worst. The Lord, our God is the only way for our salvation. Let us all live and grow in the grace of our Lord.

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